Tom's Tips

This is a collection of helpful tips posted by "12dot":


Carbs - removing a stuck "choke" plunger

Carbs - how to remove those stubborn pilot jets

Carbs - how not to mess up the needle jet

Engine - Removal/Split Cases

Oil Pump - shaft movement

Oil Lines & Check Valves

Rattling Cover Emblems

Cylinder Removal

Best penetrating oil

Nuts and bolts - the cheap way to "restore"

Kickstarter problems after splitting an engine

Early H1 HT Wire Replacement





Tom's "Disclaimer":

I just want to make it very clear that my posts are not the "Do it my way or it's wrong" type of posts. These are just things that I do or have done in the process of working on these bikes (the one about the kicker is an example). I'm just hoping that some of these will be useful - if we can prevent someone from damaging a part, or make his work easier or less frustrating as he works on his triple, then we've been successful. I don't want anybody thinking I "just came up" with these ('cause I don't work THAT fast).  A lot of them were sent out by PM to individuals who had inquired over the last few years.