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11009-019 H1, KH500 Cylinder Base Gasket
11009-027 S2/A, S1/A/B/C, KH250 Cylinder Base Gasket
11009-028 H2/A/B/C Cylinder Base Gasket
11009-036 S3/A, KH400 Cylinder Base Gasket
11010-050 H2/A/B/C Air Box Assembly
11010-058 H1/A Air Box Assembly
11013-026 S3/A, S2/A, S1/A/B/C, KH250 Air Filter Element
11013-052 KH400 Air Filter Element
11015-014 H1/A Air Inlet Pipe Assembly
11015-032 H2/A/B/C Air Inlet Pipe Assembly
11015-033 H1B/D/E/F, KH500 Air Inlet Pipe Assembly
11016-005 H2/A/B/C Air Inlet Silencer
11060-1160 ALL Oil Pump Gasket
112BA0612 Various Bolt - 6X12
112BA0614 Various Bolt - 6X14
112BA0618 Various Bolt - 6X18
112BA0622 Various Bolt - 6X22
112G0660 Various Bolt - 6X60
112N0625 Various Bolt - 6X25
113N1035 All Shock Bolt
  - 10X35
113N1065 H2/A Turn Signal Bolt
  - 10X65
115BA0818 Various Bolt - 8X18
115G0818 Various Bolt - 8X18
13080-004 H2/A/B/C, H1/A/B/C/D/E/F, KH500 Shifter Shaft Rubber Cap
13157-004 ALL Shifter Rubber
13063-004 ALL Kickstart Rubber
16002-002 ALL Cable Adjuster
16019-008 H2/A/B/C, H1/A/B/C/D/E/F, KH500 Float Chamber Gasket
16019-013 S3/A, KH400, S2/A Float Chamber Gasket
16030-005 ALL exc S1/A/B/C, KH250 Needle Valve
16031-023 H2/A/B/C, H1/A/B/C/D/E/F, KH500 Carburetor Float
16033-009 ALL Float Chamber Screws
16036-004 H1/A/B/C/D/E/F, KH500 Carburetor Cap
16036-005 H1/A/B/C/D/E/F, KH500
S1, KH250, S2/A, S3/A, KH400
Starter Plunger Top Cap
16060-013 H2/A/B/C Carb Mounting Flange
16116-005 H1/A/C Grommet - Oil Pump Cover
18043-010 H2/A/B/C, H1/A/B/C Muffler Connector
18044-005 H2/A/B/C, H1/A/B/C Exhaust Clamp
18049-050 H1/A/B/C Exhaust Downpipe
18049-063 S1/A/B/C, KH250 Exhaust Downpipe
18049-071 H2/A Exhaust Downpipe
18049-074 S2/A Exhaust Downpipe
18049-102 H2B/C Exhaust Downpipe
H2/A/B/C, H1/A/B/C/D/E/F, KH500, S3/A, KH400 Gasket - Exhaust


S3/A, S2/A, S1A/B/C, KH250 Contact Points




H1B Condensers

Contact Points

21088-008 H1/A/C Center Carbon Brush
21150-003 H1/A/C High Tension Wire Assembly
220B06110 H2/A/B/C, H1/A/B/C/D/E/F, KH500 Air Box Screw
220R0455 H2/A, H1/A/B/C/D/E/F, KH500, S2 Tail Light Lens Screw
23005-1015-21 H2/A/B/C, KH500 Headlight Shell
KH500 Headlight Rim
23016-002 H1/A/B/C High Beam Indicator Assembly
23016-006 H2/A High Beam Indicator Assembly
23016-007 H2/A High Beam Indicator Assembly
23025-044 H2/A, H1B/C, S2 Taillamp Asm
23026-010 H1/A Taillamp Lens
23026-022 H2/A, H1B/C/D/E/F, KH500, S2 Taillamp Lens
23026-023 H2B/C, S3/A, KH400, S2A, S1A/B/C, KH250 Taillamp Lens
23036-012 H2/A, S2, S1 License Plate Bracket H2 & S2 tail light bracket
23040-020 H1/A Turn Signal Asm


H2/A, H1B/C, S2


Turn Signal Asm


H1D/E/F, KH500, S3/A, KH400-A3/A4, S2A, S1/A/B/C, KH250


Turn Signal Asm
23048-011 H1/A Turn Signal Lens
23051-028 H2/A Rear Turn Stem
23051-031 H2/A, H1B/C Turn Signal Brackets - Front
23051-047 H2/A, H1B/C Front Turn Signal Stem
23061-003 H2/A, H1B/C, S2 Turn Signal Ground Plate
23066-001 H2/A/B/C, H1D/E/F, KH500, S3/A, KH400, S2A, S1/A/B/C, KH250 Damper Rubber A - Headlight
23076-001 H2/A Head Lamp Collar
23078-001 H2B/C, H1D/E/F, KH500, S3/A, KH400, S2A, S1/A/B/C, KH250 Signal Stems - 95mm Long
25008-009 H1/A/C Speedometer Bracket
25012-004 H2/A Meter Cover
25019-013 H2B/C, H1D/E/F, KH500, S3/A, KH400, S2A, S1A/B/C, KH250 Meter Rubber Damper
25022-002 H1/A/C Cable Clamp
26001-031 H1/A/C Main Wiring Harness
26001-058 H2/A Main Wiring Harness
26004-013 S3/A, S1B/C Fuse Holder
27002-011 ALL Flasher Relay
27005-036 S2 Ignition Switch
27011-013 ALL EXC H1/A/C Brake Lamp Switch Spring
28001-004 H1/A/C Tank Reflector
28001-009 H2/A, S2 Rear Reflector
28001-011 H2/A Front Reflector
28001-029 H2B/C, H1D/E/F, KH500, S3/A,  S2A, S1/A/B/C, KH250 Front Reflector
28001-030 H2B/C, H1D/E/F, KH500, S3/A, KH400, S2A, S1/A/B/C, KH250 Rear Reflector
31082-005 H2/A, H1/A/B/C Side Cver Protector
32095-003 H1/A/C CDI Cover Brackets
32098-015 H2/A, S2, S1 Tool Case
32100-013 H1/A/B/C Battery Band
32100-014 H2/A/B/C Battery Band
32103-003 H1/A/B/C, S3/A, S1/A/B/C, KH250 Seat Rectifier Rubber
32104-003 H1/A/C CDI Cover
32109-009 H1/A/B/C Frame Grip
32109-012 H2/A Frame Grip
H2A/B/C, H1D/E/F, KH500, S3/A, KH400, S1B/C, KH250 Sparkplug Holder & Cover
33033-009 ALL Swingarm Bushing
33034-009 H2/A/B/C, H1/A/D/E/F Swingarm Sleeve
33040-063 H2B/C Chain Adjuster
34023-016 H1E/F, KH500 Spring - Main Stand
34028-009 H2/A/B/C, H1D/E/F, KH500, S3/A, KH400, S1/A/B/C, KH250 Footrest Bar - Rear
H1D/E/F, KH500, S2A, S3/A, KH400, S1A/B/C, KH250 Footrest - Rear
35032-021 H1 Rear Grab Bar
36001-025 H1 Side Panel - Left
(shown w/o badge holes)
36001-029 H2/A Side Panel - Left
36001-034 H1A/B/C Side Panel - Left
36001-043 S3/A, KH400, S1B/C, KH250 Side Panel - Left
36007-024 H2/A Side Panel - Right
36007-037 S3/A, KH400, S1B/C, KH250 Side Panel - Right
36014-039-21 H2/A Chainguard
41039-019 H2/A/B/C, H1B/D/E/F Spacer - Front Hub
41042-005 H1A/C Hub Dust Shield
41045-006 H2/A/B/C, H1D/E/F, KH500 Washer & Cotter Pins - Brake Shoe
41048-016 H2/A/B/C Rear Brake Shoes
41051-003 H2/A/B/C, H1D/E/F, KH500 Dust Shield - Brake Cam
41080-001 H2/A/B/C, H1D/E/F Brake Rotor
41085-004 H2/A/B/C, H1D/E/F, KH500 Indicator - Rear Brake
42010-021 H2/A/B/C Spacer - Rear Hub
42014-018 H2/A/B/C Rear Hub Damper
42019-003 S3/A, KH400,  S2/A, S1/A/B/C, KH250 Rear Brake Shoes
42019-007 H1A/B/C Rear Brake Shoes
42041-046 H1/A/B/C/D/E/F, KH500 Rear Sprocket - 45T
42041-106 H2/A/B/C Rear Sprocket - 47T
42045-005 H2/A/B/C, H1/A/B/C/D/E/F, KH500 Rear Sprocket Nut
42045-014 H1/A/B/C Rear Axle Castle Nut
42045-018 H2/A/B/C Rear Axle Castle Nut
43015-001 S2A Master Cylinder Asm
w/311B0800 &
H1B/D/E/F, KH500, S3/A, KH400, S2A Master Cylinder Lever Adjusting Bolt
& Hardware
43048-001 H2/A/B/C, H1B/D/E/F, S3/A, S2A Caliper Piston
43049-001 H2/A/B/C, H1B/D/E/F, S3/A, S2A O Ring - Caliper Shaft
43053-001 H2/A/B/C, H1B/D/E/F, S3/A, S2A Caliper Seal - Piston
43054-002 S3/A, S2A Dust Seal - Caliper Piston
43059-006 S3/A, KH400, S2A Brake Hose Upper Front
43060-001 H2/A/B/C, H1B/D/E/F Brake Pipe Front - LH side
43060-002 H2/A/B/C, H1B/D/E/F Brake Pipe Front - RH side
43063-001 H2/A/B/C, H1B/D/E/F, KH500 Brake Hose Bracket, Left
43063-003 H1B Brake Hose Bracket, Right
43065-001 H2/A/B/C, H1B/D/E/F, KH500, S2A, S3/A, KH400 Front Brake Switch
43069-002 H2/A/B/C, S2A Master Cylinder Dust Boot
43070-001 H2/A/B/C, H1B/D/E/F Caliper Bolt
10mm X 43mm
H1/A/C, S3/A, KH400, S2/A, S1/A/B/C, KH250 Fork Seals
34 mm X 46 mm X 10.5 mm
44010-017 H1/A/C, S2, S1/A/B/C, KH250 Fork Dust Cover
44010-021 H2/A/B/C, H1B/D/E/F Fork Dust Cover
44010-032 KH500 Fork Dust Cover
44010-035 KH400 Fork Dust Cover
44013-017 H1/A/C Fork Tubes
44013-032 H2/A/B/C, H1B/D/E/F, KH500 Fork Tubes
44033-041-21 H2/A Fork Cover - LH
44034-041-21 H2/A Fork Cover - RH
44041-038 H2/A, H1B, S1/A/B Bolts - Upper Steering Stem Clamp - 8 X 55mm
H2/A/B/C, H1B/D/E/F, KH500 Fork Circlip & Washer
44045-038 H2B/C, H1E/F, KH500 Fork Cover - O-rings
44046-015 H2/A/B/C, H1B/D/E/F, KH500 Fork Cap O-Ring
44046-016 H1/A/C, S2/A, S1/A/B/C, KH250 O Ring - Outer Tube
44062-003 H2/A/B/C, H1B/D/E/F, KH500 Fork Caps
45014-056 H1/A/B/C Rear Shocks
45014-061 H2/A Rear Shocks
H1D/E/F, KH500 Rear Shocks
12 5/8" from eye to eye
45014-096 H2B/C Rear Shocks
12 7/8" from eye to eye
45017-001 ALL Shock Absorber Rubber
H1/A/C Throttle Grip Adjusting Screw
46003-017 H1/A/B/C/D/E/F, KH500 Handlebar
46003-025 H2/A Handlebar
46003-032 H2B/C Handlebar
46055-006 H2/A/B/C, H1/A/B/C/D/E/F, KH500 Clutch Cable Adjuster
46075-017 H2/A/B/C, H1E/F, S3/A, S2/A, S1/A/B/C Hand Grip
KH500, KH400, KH250 Hand Grip
46091-047 H2C, H1E/F, KH500, S3A, S1C, KH250 LH Case Asm
46094-011-21 H2/A/B/C, H1D/E/F, S3/A, S2A, S1B/C Clutch Lever Mount
ALL Cap, Steering Stem
46117-006 H2B/C, H1D/E/F, KH500 Steering Damper
49006-1041 H1B/D/E/F, KH500, S3/A, KH400 Master Cylinder Dust Boot
51023-039 All S Series Petcock
51038-005 All H Series Petcock Fuel Strainer
51037-007 H2/A/B/C, H1/A/B/C/D/E/F, KH500 Gasket - Fuel Petcock Cup
51037-010 S3/A, KH400, S2/A, S1/A/B/C, KH250 Gasket - Fuel Petcock Cup
51048-007 H2B/C, H1D/E/F, S1B/C, S3/A Gas Cap
51048-012 KH250, KH400, KH500 Locking Gas Cap
51049-008 H1/A Gas Cap
51051-004 H2, H1B/C, S2, S1 Gas Cap
51059-007 H1/A Fuel Tank Cap Gasket
51059-008 ALL EXC H1/A Gas Cap Gasket
52003-019 H2B/C, H1D/E/F, KH500, S3/A, KH400, S1B/C, KH250 Oil Tank Cap
H1/A/B/C Oil Tank Level Gauge
52015-005 H2B/C, H1D/E/F, KH500, S3/A, KH400, S2A, S1A/B/C, KH250 Oil Tank Sight Window
52020-001 H2/A/B/C, H1D/E/F, KH500, S3/A, KH400, S2A, S1A/B/C, KH250 Oil Tank Filter
53001-069 H2/A Seat Asm
H2/A/B/C, H1D/E/F, KH500, S2/A, S1A Seat Pins & Cotter Pins
S3/A, KH400, S1B/C, KH250 Seat Pins & Cotter Pins
53042-004 H2/A, S2 Rear Grab Bar
53044-001 H2/A, S2 Moulding - Seat Rest
53045-001 H2, S2 Hook Assembly
53046-002 H2/A, S2 Plate - Rear Tail
H1/A/C Speedometer Cable - Gray
54001-036 H2/A, H1B Speedometer Cable - Black
54001-041 S3/A, KH400 Speedometer Cable
54001-043 H2B/C, H1D/E/F, KH500 Speedometer Cable
H1/A/C Front Brake Cable - Gray
54011-030 H1/A/C Clutch Cable - Gray




Clutch Cable
54011-053 S3/A, KH400, S2/A, S1/A/B/C, KH250 Clutch Cable
H1/A/C Throttle Cable - Gray
H1B/C/D/E/F, KH500 Throttle Cable - Black
H2/A/B/C Throttle Cable
54012-097 S3/A, KH400, S1/A/B/C, KH250 Throttle Cable
H1/A/C Starter Cable - Gray
H1B/D/E/F, KH500 Starter Cable - Black
54017-042 H2/A Starter Cable
54017-063 H2B/C Starter Cable  
H1/A/C Tachometer Cable - Gray
H1B/D/E/F, KH500 Tachometer Cable - Black
54018-007 H1/A/B/C/D/E/F, KH500 Tachometer Cable Grommet
54018-011 H2/A/B/C Tachometer Cable
H1/A/C Rear Brake Cable - Gray
54022-021 S2/A, S1/A/B/C, KH250 Rear Brake Cable - Black
56001-005 H1/A Mirror
56002-020 H2/A/B/C, H1B/D/E/F, S3/A, S2A, S1B/C Mirror - Right Side
56003-009 H2/A/B/C, H1B/D/E/F, S3/A, S2A, S1B/C Mirror - Left Side
56019-021 '69 H1 Side Panel Badge
56019-025 '70 H1 Side Panel Badge
S1A Side Panel Badge
S2A Side Panel Badge
H2A Side Panel Badge
56018-147 H1D/E Side Panel Badge
56018-163 S1B Side Panel Badge
56018-164 S3 Side Panel Badge
56018-165 H2B Side Panel Badge
56018-192 S1C Side Panel Badge
56018-193 S3A Side Panel Badge
56018-194 H2C Side Panel Badge
56018-196 H1F Side Panel Badge
56018-211 KH250 Side Panel Badge
56018-212 KH400 Side Panel Badge
56018-213 KH500 Side Panel Badge
670B2015 ALL exc H1/A/B/C O Ring - 15mm
670B2020 ALL O Ring - 20mm
671B2530 ALL O Ring for swing arm
92001-038 S2/A Chain Adjuster - 8mm Bolt
92001-104 H2/A/B/C, H1D/E/F, S3/A, KH400, S2A Front Brake Rotor Hex Bolt
8 x 28mm
92001-143 H2B/C Chain Adjuster - 10mm Bolt
92001-1386 Various Bolt - 8X55
92001-1399 H1/A/B/C, KH500, S3/A, KH400, S1/A/B/C, KH250 Chain Adjuster - 8mm Bolt
92001-1405 ALL Handlebar Bolt 8X38
13mm Head
92003-064 H2/A, H1/D/E/F, KH500 Bolt Set - Lower Steering Stem Clamp
92003-079 H2/A/B/C, H1B/C/D/E/F, KH500, S3/A, KH400, S1C, KH250, Side Stand Bolt
92003-117 H1/D/E/F, KH500 Shifter Bolt
H1/A/B/C Head light mounting bolts and washers
92007-031 H1D/E/F, KH500,  H2B/C, S3/A, KH400, S1C, KH250 Steering Stem Bolt
92007-034 H1D/E/F, KH500 Side Cover Bolt
92007-040 H2B/C Side Cover Bolt
92007-046 H2B/C, H1E/F, S1C, KH250 Brake or Clutch Lever Pivot Bolt
H2, H1B, S2,S1 Meter Mounting Hardware
92015-042 H2/A/B/C, H1D/E/F. KH500 Brake Rod Adjuster
92015-1429 H2/A, H1D/E/F, KH500, S3/A, KH400, S1B Lock Nut 10mm
92017-010 ALL Gear Chg Nut
CCW Thread
92019-012 ALL H Series, KH500 Swingarm Locking Nut
92019-013 H1D/E/F, KH500 Domed Nut 8mm
92019-021 H2B/C, S3/A, KH400, S1C, KH250 Lock Nut 10mm
92020-003 ALL Shock Absorber Nuts - 10mm
92022-077 ALL Oil Pump Banjo Gasket
92022-193 H2/A, H1B, S3/A, KH400, S2/A, S1/A/B/C, KH250 Front Fender Washer & Various
92022-206 H2/A, H1B, S2 Turn Signal Washer
92027-1134 H1/A/B/C Fuel Tank Spacer
92037-034 H1/A/B/C Air Cleaner Clamp
92037-035 H1/A/B/C Air Cleaner Clamp
92037-060 H2/A/B/C Air Cleaner Clamp
92037-061 H2/A/B/C Carburetor Air Inlet Clamp
92043-065 H2/A/B/C Brake Rod Pin
92048-006 ALL Race - Steering Stem
92049-004 ALL Seal - Shift Shaft
92049-012 H2/A/B/C Seal - Kickstart Shaft
92049-1216 H2/A/B/C, H1B/D/E/F, KH500 Fork Seals
36 mm X 48 mm X 10.5 mm
92050-022 H1/A/B/C/D/E/F, KH500 Outer Crank Seal - Right Outer
92050-023 H1/A/B/C/D/E/F, KH500 Outer Crank Seal - Left Outer
92050-024 ALL Countershaft Sprocket Seal
92054-017 H1/A/B/C/D/E/F, KH500 Inner Crank Seal - Left Inner
92054-018 H1/A/B/C/D/E/F, KH500 Inner Crank Seal - Right Inner
92054-0192 H2/A/B/C Inner Crank Seal - Left Inner
92054-020 H2/A/B/C Inner Crank Seal - Right Inner
92050-042 H2/A/B/C Outer Crank Seal
92054-043 H2/A/B/C Outer Crank Seal
H1/A/B/C Oil Tank Line
H1/A/C Gasket - Distributor
92065-054 H2/A/B/C, H1B/D/E/F, KH500 Gasket - Fuel Petcock Joint
92065-055 H2/A/B/C, H1/A/B/C/D/E/F, KH500 Gasket - Fuel Petcock Lever
92065-081 S3/A, KH400, S2/A, S1/A/B/C, KH250 Gasket - Fuel Petcock Joint
92071-056 H2B/C, H1D/E/F, KH500, S3/A, KH400, S1B/C, KH250 Grommet - Side Panel
92071-072 H2B/C Grommet - Side Panel
92072-012 H2/A/B/C, H1D/E/F, KH500, S3/A, KH400, S2/A, S1B/C, KH250 Tool Band
H2/A/B/C, H1D/E/F, KH500, S2/A, S1/A Rubber Tank Strap
92072-030 ALL exc H1/A Wiring Harness Band - 123mm
92072-031 ALL exc H1/A Wiring Harness Band - 150mm
92072-045 S3/A, KH400, S1B/C, KH250 Oil Tank Strap
92072-056 ALL exc H1/A Wiring Harness Band - 185mm
92073-027 H2/A/B/C, H1B/D/E/F, KH500, S3/A, KH400, S2/A Front Brake Switch Cover
92074-006 H2B/C, KH500 Headlight Shell Rubber Plug
92075-013 H1/A/B/C Front Tank Grommet
92075-015 H1D/E/F, KH500 Muffler Main Stand Damper
92075-019 H2/A, H1/A/B/C Rear Fender Grommet
92075-023 H2/A, H1/A/B/C, S2 Seat Damper
92075-024 H1/A/B/C Speedometer Shock Damper
92075-029 S2/A Main Stand Stopper Rubber
92075-031 ALL exc H2/A/B/C Side Stand Stopper Rubber
92075-034 H1/A/C Speedometer Shock Damper
92075-035 H1/A/C Speedometer Seat Rubber
92075-039 H1/A/B/C, S3/A, KH400, S2/A, S1/A/B/C, KH250 Handlebar Damper Rubber
92075-044 H2/A/B/C, S2/A, S1/A Damper Rubber - Fuel Tank
92075-046 H1/A/B/C Main Stand Stopper Rubber
H1D Ignition Unit Mounting Grommet
92075-076 ALL exc H1/A/B/C Taillight Damper Rubber
92075-077 H2/A, H1B, S2, S1 Damper Rubber
92075-078 H2/A/B/C, H1D/E/F, KH500 Damper Rubber
92075-080 ALL exc H1/A/C Damper Rubber - Meters
92075-084 H2/A/B/C, H1D/E/F Damper Rubber
92075-099 H2B/C, H1D/E/F, KH500, S3/A, S1B/C, KH250 Seat Damper
92075-101 H1D/E/F, KH500, S3/A, KH400, S1B/C, KH250 Damper Rubber - Fuel Tank
92075-112 ALL exc H1/A/B/C Taillight Damper
92075-115 H2/A/B/C, S3/A, KH400, S1/A/B/C, KH250 Main Stand Stopper Rubber
92075-128 H2B/C, H1D/E/F, KH500, S3/A, KH400, S2A, S1B/C, KH250 Turn Signal Damper
92075-139 H2B/C, H1D/E/F, KH500 Seat Damper
92075-158 H2/A/B/C, H1D/E/F, KH500, S3/A, KH400, S2A, S1A/B/C, KH250 Turn Signal Damper
92075-251 H2B/C Damper - Side Panel
92075-275 H2/A/B/C, H1D/E/F, KH500 Handlebar Damper Rubber
92076-009 H1/A/B/C Rear Footrest Rubber
92076-015 H1/A/B/C Front Footrest Rubber
92076-019 H2/A, S2/A Footrest Rubber
92076-024 H2B/C, H1D/E/F, KH500, S3/A, KH400, S1/A/B/C, KH250 Footrest Rubber - Rear
92076-026 H2B/C Footrest Rubber - Front
H2/A, H1/A/B/C Side Cover Knob
92088-005 S3/A, S2/A, KH400, S1/A/B/C, KH250 Lock Washer Set - Rear Sprocket
92088-007 H1/A/B/C/D/E/F, KH500 Lock Washer Set - Rear Sprocket
92088-013 H2/A/B/C Lock Washer Set - Rear Sprocket
92088-014 H2/A/B/C, H1B/D/E/F Front Brake Rotor Lock Washer
92090-007 ALL Steering Stem Nut
92092-010 H2B/C, S3/A, KH400 Muffler Rubber Bushing
92094-001 H2/A, H1/A/B/C Rubber - Side Cover Knob
92200-1273 H1D/E/F, KH500,  H2B/C, S1C, KH250, S3/A, KH400 Steering Stem Washer