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Note:  Most of this data came from Kawasaki published documents.  In some cases beginning engine numbers for a given model were actually from prior year's production.

  Model Year Engine no Frame no Color
Mach I
S1 1972 S1E-00001~ S1F-00001~ Pearl White, Pearl Candy Red
S1A 1973 S1E-05494~ S1F-04691~ Candy Orange, Candy Blue, Candy Gold
S1B 1974 S1E-12001~ S1F-12001~ Candy Green
S1C 1975 S1E-17100~ S1F-16300~ Halibut Blue
KH250-A5 1976 S1E-026600~ S1F-24400~ Candy Super Red
KH250-B1 1976 S1E-028801~ KH250B-000001~ Candy Super Red, Candy Sky Blue
KH250-B2 1977 S1E-038401~ KH250B-008601~ Candy Wine Red, Candy Orient Blue
KH250-B3 1978 S1E-048301~ KH250B-018501~ Candy Lime Green, Candy Cobalt Blue
KH250-B4 1979 S1E-054801~ KH250B-025001~ Candy Lime Green, Classic White, Candy Persimmon Red
KH250-B5 1980 S1E-058301~ KH250B-028701~ Lime Green
Mach II
S2 1972 S2E-00001~ S2F-00001~ Pearl White, Pearl Candy Red
S2A 1973 S2E-28226~ S2T-00001~ Candy Orange, Candy Blue, Candy Gold
400cc S3 1974 S3E-00001~ S3F-00001~ Candy Red, Candy Sky Blue
S3A 1975 S3E-14300~ S3F-14300~ Candy Super Red, Candy Green
KH400-A3 1976 S3E-026300~ S3F-26200~ Dark Green, Orange
KH400-A4 1977 S3E-033601~ S3F-033601~ Candy Emerald Green, Candy Royal Purple
KH400-A5 1978 S3E-042801~ S3F-042801~ Candy Persimmon Red, Candy Lime Green
KH400-A6 1979 No details S3F-045901~ Candy Lime Green, White
KH400-A7 1980 No details S3F-046601~ Candy Lime Green
Mach III
H1 1969 KAE-00001~  * KAF-00001~ Midnight White
H1 1970 KAE-06315~  * KAF-06451~ Peacock Grey, Candy Red  note: Red produced from about KAF-10200 with Grey mix thru about KAF-14000
H1A 1971 KAE-21876~  * KAF-23626~ Candy Blue
H1B 1972 KAE-54101-70023 KAF-47863-65512 Pearl Candy Orange
H1C 1972 KAE-43902-45902 KAF-48664-52100 Pearl Candy Orange
H1D 1973 KAE-70024~ H1F-00001~ Candy Green, Candy Lime
H1E 1974 KAE-87001~ H1F-17001~ Candy Green, Candy Red
H1F 1975 KAE-102400~ H1F-32400~ Candy Sky Blue, Candy Brown
KH500-A8 1976 KAE-117100~ H1F-47000~ Deep Burgundy, Copper (Bronze)
Mach IV
H2 1972 H2E-00001~ H2F-00001~ Pearl Candy Blue, Pearl Candy Gold
H2A 1973 H2E-23468~ H2F-23671~ Candy Gold, Candy Purple
H2B 1974 H2E-32401~ H2F-32201~ Candy Gold (Burnt), Candy Lime
H2C 1975 H2E-42814-47866 H2F-42547-47556 Candy Super Red, Candy Purple

* - Euro points models engine #'s were KAE 5xxxx