1.  Brake lever or pedal goes all the way to its stop — There are numerous causes for this in­cluding excessively worn linings or pads, air in the hydraulic system, leaky brake lines, leaky calipers, or leaky or worn master cylinder. Check for leaks and thin brake linings or pads. Bleed the brakes. If this does not cure the trou­ble, rebuild the calipers and/or master cylinder. Also, improper cable or rod adjustment may be a cause.


2. Spongy lever — Normally caused by air in the system; bleed the brakes.


3. Dragging brakes — Check for swollen rub­ber parts due to improper brake fluid or con­tamination, and obstructed master cylinder bypass port. Clean or replace defective parts. Check for broken or weak return springs.


4. Hard lever or pedal — Check brake linings or pads for contamination. Also check for restricted brake line and hose and brake pedal needing lubrication.


5. High speed fade — Check for glazed or con­taminated brake linings or pads. Ensure that recommended brake fluid is installed. Drain en­tire system and refill if in doubt.


6. Pulsating lever or pedal — Check for out-of-round drums or excessive brake disc runout. Undetected accident damage is also a frequent cause of this.