H2Rtuner's Insight
Dave Ray was a member of Kawasaki race teams over the years
and here are some of his views/insight into various topics.


Alternative Ignitions       Fuel Level/Float Height       Light Axles
Battery/Coil Ignition   Flat Track History   Marcellina Split Engine
Bighorn Premix   Fork Brace                Oil Pump Mod
Brake Fluid   Fork Oil   Parallelogram Suspension
Carb Sync   Fork Seals   Piston Cutaway
Check Valves   Gordon Jennings   Porting
Clutch Adjustment   Green Meanie   Rod Bearing Cage Plating
Clutch Basket Rivet Repair   H1R and H2R Oil Pump   Setting Timing
Clutch Plates and Oils   H1R Cases   Shift Pawl
Clutch Pusher   H2R Engine   Shock Bearings
Crankshafts   HP Ratings   Steering Head Bearings
Drilled Disc Rotors   Ignition   Transmission Damage
    Laguna Seca 1973 National   Transmission Shimming