Update List

03/06/2005    A Series Manual added

                      Alternative Crank Seal test added

                      Stuck cylinder puller added

                      Service bulletin additions & PDF availability

                      Dead links updated

07/03/2004    Catch-up over the past few months:

                        Suzuki manuals added

                        "S" manual added

                        Color wiring diagrams added

                        Addresses updated in several vendor listings

                        Vendor removed from list

                        Vendors added

                        S2 microfiche added

                        Several Part ID's added

                         Ignition Troubleshooting revised

                        Article on Two Stroke Oil added

                        I've probably missed a few.....

02/28/2004    Added H2B Brochure

02/28/2004    Added H1D/E Differences to Parts ID

02/27/2004    Added BF Enterprises to Specialty & Plating Vendors

02/25/2004    Added Electrics to Part ID

02/24/2004    Added Grab Rail, Light Bracket & Fuel Cap to Part ID

02/24/2004    Revised display in Vendor windows

02/23/2004    Added Alternate Menu to Index

02/19/2004    Added Smokin' to Articles

02/17/2004    Added search engine for Vendor Plating

02/09/2004    Added Midnight White to Paint Match

02/02/2004    Added H2-EX Engine link to Parts & Services

02/02/2004    Added H2R/KR750 link to Articles

01/26/2004    Added Powder Coat link to Paint Info

01/23/2004    Added Motorcycle Repair 101 to Links

01/13/2004    Added http://www.groupk.com/docstech.htm to Misc Info Links

01/10/2004    Added Coil Repair to Tips

12/18/2003    Added link page to Kawasaki.com parts 

12/15/2003    Added Rubber Mount to Tips

12/15/2003    Added Meters & Controls to Parts ID

12/09/2003    Added Vintage Connections/Removed Ed Zunz to/from Specialty

11/15/2003    Added Project H2 link to Handling/Frame

11/14/2003    Added Advanced Plating to Vendor list

11/13/2003    Added engine info to 350 description

11/12/2003    Added kawasaki-h2.com to links

11/11/2003    Top End Rebuild added to Tips

11/10/2003    Steering angle note added to Specifications

11/10/2003    Steering Geometry link added to Handling

10/28/2003    Jennings Manual updated w/missing pages added

10/16/2003    Lectron Carb Tuning added to How To