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January 2019

Fellow triple enthusiasts,

First, I would like to say thank you to all my 100's of customers all over the world, for being my customers! I have greatly enjoyed making your triples more powerful and more fun to ride in the last 24 years! I also call many of you my friend, as one thing I have tried to do, is give the best/friendliest customer service around.

To the point..... I have been working with my hands since 1971, from learning how to modify my Kawasaki MT 75, to auto shop in High School, hopping up my many Mustangs, being the only wrench at the Kawasaki in my home town, building dentures and casting gold crowns (I had a dental lab in the 80's), building motors for my club racing, years in the jewelry manufacturing industry and finally, starting my triple business, "Aylor Engineering" in 1995.

My hands have paid the price. Luckily no arthritis, but now porting is painful after only 10 minutes of using my porting tools. And it now just takes way too long to do each job.

So, I am cutting back on services.

I am dropping my porting, head reworking, decking, boring, reed conversion kits and reed conversion installations. I will continue on building my fiberglass parts.

I want to thank all my customers again, and will continue to answer performance questions, as I always have!

John Aylor


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