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Another totally cool Kawasaki fuel tank!........
For decades Café triple builders have not had a great choice of aftermarket bodywork. Most tanks don’t fit well, and basically not very pretty. (to me)
Well now there is!
A stretched '69 Café tank...
Price ....... $595.00USD

I took the very recognizable (to the old geezers like me....lol) 1969-1970 500 mach III ( with scallops) tank and stretched it “café” style. This gives it an easily identifiable “Kawasaki triple flavor”, which will always get “the looks” but will add that bit of wonder of “something is really different”, but is very cool!
The best thing, is that I designed this tank to fit ALL THE TRIPLES (S1/S2/S3/H1/H2) WITHOUT ANY irreversible MODIFICATIONS!
 As many triple owners have found, triples are very expensive to restore. And many just want a nice “rider”. And at the same time wanting something “different” , in a Café style. This also allows the bike to be returned to stock, which is not something you can easily do with other bodywork.

I have included pics of my personal body set to show how the tank looks on the bike, and painted.

 If you are planning to use these parts on the street, check your local laws. Some laws restrict the use of non metal tanks on public roads. Fiberglass tanks can crack and rupture in a accident possibly causing a fire. So you, and or the bike, can burn up. This can be costly and hurt a lot, death is even a possibility. So much for the warning part, you have been warned, so use at your own risk.
I may add that many race bikes and older street bikes have used (and still use) fiberglass tanks for decades now........
The tank has a outer coating of "easy-sand" material.
3 layers of 1.5 oz. aircraft quality mat glass.
Vinyl Ester resin is used due to the fact is corrosive resistant to most fuels.
The petcock bung (that sounds nasty... ;-) is female 3/8's NPT thread to fit most aftermarket petcocks. (petcock NOT included)
The fuel cap is a flush mount aircraft filler made of billet aluminum, and uses a Viton seal.
A permanent hook is installed in front, and a removable hook on the rear for mounting rubber O-rings. The hooks are the only mounting hardware that is included.
For comparison, other fiberglass tanks that fit "some" triples run $50.00 more and don't have the cool billet fuel cap system....
When you finish your Café special, you will have a real “head turner” and super cool looking triple!
 Handling is $12.50 plus actual shipping costs. USPS preferred, insurance extra.