Click Here for Triple Parts Database Online
by Johan Heikkilä

Tutorial for Online Database Use

A database file with parts for all models can be downloaded via the following link:

MSExcel database file- 10 Aug 2020 (xls 8.1M)

MSAccess database file- 4 May 2017 (accdb 4.4M)

The spreadsheet can also be viewed online with limited functionality at Google Docs.

There was an effort to include original (as manufactured) part numbers in the parts lists. In so doing, part numbers that superceded the originals may not be included. That means that a later part may substitute for one that is shown in the listing (as is the case with most online references). Usually, the higher the number sequence for a given part, the later the part will be. Parts listed as "ALT" or "AL" are those used in place of originals.

All Euro part variations may not be included. Some Euro parts are included in "Optional" category. I intend to update listings to show more of them where I have the info.

By clicking the (apparent) blank "Diag" cell a parts diagram will be displayed in your browser that includes the part in question. Use the tools available to you to increase/decrease pic size.

By clicking the (apparent) blank "Photo" cell a part photo will be displayed in your browser (if available). Where no photo is available an error message will be returned.

The downloaded file is structured according to parts diagram order for easy reference to parts listings. Use of sort, custom sort, and find (cntl-F) tools within MS Excel will allow you to alter the parts list to show whatever you may be looking for. It is possible to create a parts listing/w diagrams printout for any and all parts for a particular model in pdf format.

There are a number of free programs that are available in lieu of MS Excel to view the files. Libre Office is one.

I won't guarantee that there are not some errors in the data included but it is probably the best parts list you will find that includes original part numbers and has all triple model parts listed. There are contradictions to various parts manuals, Buy Kawasaki and Zedder (among others) with reason.

The database references the part listings at, parts manuals, and fiches.